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Concert Photography



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"If you need a band photographer look no future, Nicole Caracia is one of the best in the biz. Nicole's photos all come alive and you can just feel the movement in them"- Robert Lasky , Drummer from Last Kiss Goodnight

"Exceptionally professional, easy to work with, great eye for detail to get the best shots for your project. Have recommended her to several other companies I work with. Has never let me down".- Drew Indingaro, Singer from Diablogato

"Nicole's deep love of photography and music give her the ability to catch artists in their best light. Not  only is her photography amazing she is a pleasure to work with"- Kamari Sumner,  bassist rom Defenders

"Nicole is a fantastic photographer that has an eye for capturing the perfect moment. It's not easy being a live photographer but she is one of the good ones that gets it right"-Ken Susi, Guitarist, Unearth

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