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Last Kiss Goodnight Album Release show at the Metro Gallery on 11.9.2019

While the bands new album "Immortal" is climbing the charts, grabbing #1 and #5 Spin Gainer positions on the Foundations Chart and Billboard/BDS Rock Indicator Chart, Last Kiss Goodnight (LKG) CD release party was a hit this past Saturday night at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. The devoted family, fans, and followers gathered at the venue and were ready for the bands to perform their brand new album live.

“What does it mean” gives this tremendous rock ’n’ roll vibe, each instrument contributing their equal share. The sonic range throughout "Immortal" explores everything from the radiant lyrics on “Blackbird”, to the uplifting driven “Son of a Gun”. The band also performed their new breakthrough single, “ Love Separation” taking their crowd for a ride with the dynamic vocal range and powerful beats. These tracks, along with majority of the songs on the new album, involve their own unique touch. As one listens to the "Immortal" album, each new song brings with it a refreshing appeal, providing something different or a spin on a sound heard previously.

There is something intimate to find throughout the LKG’s new album. “Immortal” shows the creativity as well as their emotional attachment to their music and blended with sounds from bands they admire. The album that offers sincere feeling all the way to the end.

“Immortal” is available now and can be purchased through any of the following sources:


1: All That Was Beautiful

2: Love Separation

3: Son of A Gun

4: Maybe Someday

5: These Bones

6: Stitches

7: Bellview

8: The Truth

9: Blackbird

10: What Does it Mean?

11: Drowning

12: Miss Anything

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